The building has been designed to fulfill commercial, educational and office functions, because originally it was dedicated to one software company. So, a substantial part of the building is arranged as a shared space to be used for reception of the clients, lectures, meetings or other service. Also, the office rooms are open spaces to enable better communication between the staff. For these reasons, the facilities of Centrum Jasnogorska 44 can be best used by one company.

The relatively most separated part of the building is the ground floor. Except of office rooms, there is a common cantine for the staff and the technical backoffice.

The first and second floors are integrated by a spacious hall with the reception desk. Around the hall, which can be an ideal exposition place, there are rooms dedicated to the office work, meetings or lectures.

situation plan I floor (265KB), II floor (265 KB);

Moreover, as an attractive reception room, the winter garden or terrace can be used.

The building is surrounded by a a green belt of grass, bushes and flowers. The acoustic isolation effectively stops the noise of the road outside.

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